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Over the last several years, ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft have become part of the global culture. There have been controversies in many areas, as one might expect, but most consumers—especially those in younger demographic groups appreciate having additional alternatives to traditional car services and taxi cabs. What happens, however, when an Uber ride ends in an accident and you are injured? Is the driver liable for your injuries or does the company bear some responsibility as well? This is the question that will need to be answered by the courts once again as a 24-year-old …
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As modern technology continues to progress, we rely on it more and more in our daily lives. We use GPS on road trips instead of asking for directions. We count on airbags in our cars to help reduce the risk of injury in an auto accident. And soon, we will be able to pay minimal attention during our daily commute as self-driving vehicles do most of the work.
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