How to Collect Evidence in California Car Accidents

CA accident lawyerThe most important thing you need to have when you get into a car accident is evidence. Without evidence, it will be extremely difficult - if not impossible - to claim any damages from your accident. Even the smallest accident can startle a person, but the steps you take immediately after the accident can be crucial. By understanding how you can collect necessary evidence and what types of evidence can help your case, you might be able to save yourself some stress in the event of a car accident.

Police Reports

This can be one of your most useful tools in a car accident case. Most of the time, when you get into an accident and you call the police, they will come to the scene of the accident and will file a report about the crash. Things that are included in the police report are:

  • The date, time, and location of the accident;
  • Weather conditions present at the time of the accident;
  • Information about both drivers and vehicles involved in the accident;
  • Information about passengers and witnesses;
  • The details of the accident, such as how it happened and what the damages were; and
  • Statements from both parties and any witnesses to the accident.

Witness Testimonies

These can also be important when it comes to your accident. Often, passengers in your vehicle can be credible witnesses because they experienced the accident first-hand. You can also get witness testimonies from third parties, who can also be considered credible because they have no ties to those involved in the accident and are therefore unbiased. When you take witness testimonies on your own, you should take information such as:

  • The witnesses’ name, phone number, and address;
  • The witnesses’ personal recollection of the accident; and
  • Where the witness was when the accident occurred.

Photos of Accident and Damages

Photos can be especially helpful evidence in insurance claims and in personal injury trials. After an accident, you should take photos of:

  • Your injuries;
  • Damages to your vehicle and the other person’s vehicle;
  • Damages to any property;
  • Road conditions;
  • Weather conditions; and
  • The entire accident as a whole.

Personal Notes and Medical Records

If you are seeking to claim personal injury damages, you should also keep personal notes and copies of medical records as evidence. Any notes from your doctor about your injuries and how you are progressing with your recovery can also be helpful, as well as your personal records of how you are improving.

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