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Time Distribution

Mitchell Janoff
HP 113AR Analog Clock.  
Astro Data precision time and frequency standard  
Collins R-390 URR HF receiver with matching SSB Unit  
House Standard: HP5060A Cesium Frequency Standard  
One Second Pulse WWV  
One Minute Pulse WWV  
Top to Bottom:

HP 120AR Oscilloscope

HP Frequency Counter

HP 113AR Analog Clock/Divider

AstroData Frequency Time Code Generator

HP Frequency Counter

HP 5100B/6110B Frequency Synthesizer

HP 5061 Cesium Beam Frequency Standard

Equipment rack:
  • Bottom row left to right: pulse generator (214A), long wave receiver (x), short wave receiver (Collins R-390/A), SSB & fax receivers, Radio controlled clock with a Parallex BS2 stamp processor ULIO receiver.
  • Upper shelf left to right: Frequency synthesizer (HP 5100B/6110B) and frequency oscillator, Quartz standard (Frequency Electronics) Loran C, WWVB, and WWV time comparators, WWV receivers, Frequency counter(HP 5360A), Biomation memory unit, HP display, AstroData Time Code Generator, and HP 5061 cesium beam frequency standard.