Area 1- SS Lab. Cabinet


Type STIA timing unit (2)

Dual Trace Sampling Unit TYPe 4S2A

Typc TIJ-Z Test Load Plug In Unit

OiiOSZt-}0 Calibration Fixture Load/Pluser for 530-540-550 series

067-0523-00 Calibration Fixturc for type 580 series (2)

Type O operational amplifier plug in unit

Type CA plug in unit Dual Trace calibrated preamp

Type lA4 four channel amplifier (5)

fi,p. lSt sampling unit (5f Type W plug in unit high gain differential comparator (2)

fi'b. 1A6 diffirential amplifier bandwidth DC to2mhz(2)

fyir" 53/54D plug in unitiign-gain differential calibrated DC preamp 1 MV-50 volts /cm

Type 53/54K plug in unit fast rise calibrated preamp

Type S diode recoverlr Plug in unit

Type R transistor risetime plug in unit

TVp" 86 plug in unit high gain fast rise calibrated DC preamp (2)

Piug in analyzer model200 (made by Nelson Ross)

Sub Audio plug in Spectrum analyzer (made by Nelson Ross)

Plug in analy"er Attenuator Range -DB (made by Nelson Ross)

Type E plug in unit low level differential

fib" H plug in unit wide band calibrated preampapi

Type G plug in unit wide band cdibrated pneamp

fip. Zplugin unit calibrated differential comparator (2)

Type Q plug in unit transducer & strain gage preamp

Type t0 plug in unit

Type O plug in instruction manual

Area 2 Rack

Z.Y bridge Type 1603A

Dekavider decade voltage divider RV722 input resistance 100'000 ohms

f 4l9B polystyrene decade capacitor

Gertsch AC ratio standard model 1004R

Inductor Decade pD-Sane-69-6625-t6g 6625-4g9-9080 mfgr. Barker & lVilliamson Inc #62030

Mfgr Smallcross #817'B resistance box (2)

Impedance Bridge 29OA

Resolver Synchro simulator North Atlantic 530

Ratio Box model RB 504 North Atlantic

Impedance comParator tYPe 1606A

Precision Angle Indicator model ID-138 (2)

Gertsch Synchro Bridge model SB1777R

Gertsch Resolver Standard model R$l

Gertsch Resolver Bridge model DRB-3C-4R

Area 3 Rack

Random Noise Generator Type 1390-B

IIHtr' Oscillator Type f361-A

Unit Oscillator Type l2ll-B(2)

Modulating power supply Type 126+A

\ileather Radar AVG.55 RCA RCVR-)trVITR

RFL Industries model5950 crystal impedance meter

Type 1L10 Spectrum analyzer plug in unit freq range I to 3 mc

HP 2539A Digital Comperatodel 1002or

Unit power supply type 12038 w/ unit R-C oscillator type #l2l0c

Frequency meter and discriminator type ll42A General Radio Co

Unit l-F amplifier typea 1216-A 115 volts General radio Co

Audio Frequency microvolter type 546-8 General Radio Co

1363 VHF oscillator 56-500 mhz General Radio Co

Tuned amplifier & null detector type 1232-A General Radio Co

lzll-C unit oscillator 0.5 - 50 mhz General Radio Co

John Fluke mfg AC/DC differential voltmeter model8838B

Honeywell model l0tl Wheatstone Bridge

m 8518 spectrum analyzer (3)

Logarithmic converter model 1002

John Fluke mfg DC differentid voltmeter model SSIAB

HP RF millivoltmeter model4llA

HP DC null voltmeter model413A (2)

HP microwave power meter model430C

EP vacuum tube voltmeter model 400H

HP clip on DC milliammeter model 4288

HP square waye generator model 2ll[


Bridge oscillator type f330A General Radio Co

HP wide range oscillator model200CD

lYeston Thermo-Galvenometer model 426

140A crystal fmpedance meter Saunders & Assoc

Series I Megger testing set #2053590

Directional watt meter

Collins Radio Co inverter a88A-2 Q)

Capacitance Bridge typeTl6C General Radio Co

On Cart same room as af,ea 3 rack


Type ILA Spectrum analyzer plug in unit

Type lAl Dual Trace plug in unit

Type 547 oscilloscope

Type lA5 differential amplifier

Both of the above w/ time base A & main time base B all on rolling cart

Area 4 rack

tIP 8006A word generator

42718IIP IHMz digital LCR meter

FIP 67 6[Phase/Amplitude tracking detector

HP pulse generator model 2l4A(2)

HP digital analog converter model 580A

Electronic Development Corp Precision AC voltage standard traceable accurancy

IIP 740B DC standard differential voltmeter

GRC decade resistor We 1432M

IIP 5180A Waveform recorder

Eldorado digital delay generator model650

I{P 5245M electronic counter (2)

IIP 5248L electronic counter

Tektronix amplitude calibrator & comparator 067-0502-01 calibration fixture

HP 5245L electronic counter

I{P 85518 spectrum analyzer RF section

HP digital analog converter model 580A/581A

IIP 85lB spectrum analyzer section

Leeds & Northrup Co potential transformer testing set

Area 5 rack

I{P 8403A modulator

HP 3534' patch panel (2)

Boonton Radio Co univertertype 20TH

DVR Systems Inc memory saver, recorder, play

I{P 33lA distortion analyzer

COHU Electronics Inc electronic galvanometer mode 204A R

HP pulse generator model 2l4A

HP voltmeter electroni c # ME-260Bru

OfficeConnect ISDN LA}{ Modem model 3C892

Dynascienc es CP929 NSM-245A

General Microwave model 4608 thermoelectric power meter

m 676A phase amplitude tracking detector

HP 675A sweeping signal generator

m 8616A signal generator

HP 2048 oscillator

Dekavider decade voltage divider RV722B

HP 313A tracking oscillator

EP 3l2A selective voltmeter


Testing Room

Middle of room

Tektronix type 5E5A oscilloscope on cart

Type 82 dual trace plug in unit both of above d time base A & B on cart

Tektronix constant amplitude signal generator 067-0632-01 catibration fixture

Tektronix type 1A1 dual trace plug in unit

Telrtronix 536 oscilloscope on cart

With above 536 oscilloscope type D plug in unit high gain differential and

Type T plug in unit time base generator

HP 5233L electronic counter on cart

m 5105A frequency synthesizer on cart

HP 5ll0B synthesizer driver on cart

Lavoie labs - preamp AM-1841 /USM

Nelson Ross Electronics plug in anelyzer model20l

Power Designs Inc model2005A precision power source

HP 465A amplifier

Tektronix type l8l time smart generator

Collins Radio Co F-508/U filter bandpass

R-761/ARC-58 receiver, radio

HP 7802I)

California Instruments precision oscillator series 8007

HP 524tM electronic counter on cart

HP 5360A computing counter on cart

Tektronix 390N) programmable digitizer on cart

Telrtronix type 1A7A high gain difierential amplifier on cart d

556 dual beam oscilloscope d

Type lAl dual trace plug in unit on cart

HP 33308 automatic synthesizer on cart

HP pulse generator model 2l4A on cert

HP 51024 frequency synthesizer on cart

Table right wall

HP 5210A frequency meter

HP VHX'signal generator model608E

m UHF signal generator model 612A

Sanders Assoc HX'line amplifier

HP IItr'signal generator model6168

HP Sffi'signal generator model6l8C

HP SHF signal generator model 620B;

HP IIHF signal generator model 614A

HP 25908 microwave frequency converter

HP 5245M electronic counter

HP 3460A digital voltmeter

Polarad Electronics analyzer spectrum TS-1011/UPM 84

On Cart beside table on right

Vitro Electronics special purpose receiver 2501A type w/

General puryose receiver R13028 type w/

Spectrum display unit 200-2 type

Back WaIl

HP 8690A swoep oscillator

m 5254C frequency converter.l5 - 3.0 GHz

m 8518 spectrum analyzer display section

HP 85518 spectrum analyzer RX'section

HP 8441A preselector

CRT display converter model 1001

Tektronir type 547 oscilloscope w/

Type 1A7A high gain differential amplifierw/

Tieratorme base a and main time bese B

Te}itronix type 549 storage oscilloscope w/

Type lAl dual trace plug in unit

ffi microwave power meter model430Cn

HP power supply model Tl5A

EP SHF signal generator model 626A

EP calorimetric power meter model 434A

General Communications Co T$4t8A/liP Echo Box


GCC TS-642N Test Set, Radar

EH Research Laboratories Inc Delay Generator

GCC Generator Signal TS4f8 Cru

American Avionics Inc Calibrator seUrange #AN/USM-115

Fluke mfgr 4115A high voltage powcr supply

Fluke mfgr high voltege power supply model4l0B

Model SY 36-20 10-36 VDC, &20 amps

Tektronix type 556 dual beam oscilloscope d

Type lI30 spectrum andyzer plug in unit w/

Type CA plug in unit dual trace calibrated preamp

Data Royal Corp AC power sounce model 7025A

lYatl to Left - test room

Polarad Electronics microwave receiver model TRd

Base & power unit model T-B w/

Tuning unit model CFI-L

Tektronix type 575 transistor cuFye trace

Multimeter ME-418/PSM-37 us (4)

HP t0034 pulse generator

HP 741A AC/DC differential voltmeter/DC standard

ff wave analyzer model 3O2A

HP 400GL AC voltmeter

m 1054 Quar& oscillator

m 615B test oscillator

HP pulse generator model2l4A

HP 34608 digital voltmeter (2)

EP 53604 computing counter (2)

HP 5233L electronic counter

HP 4800A vector impedance meter

HP 3461A AC/OHMS converter DC amplifier

m 5105A frequency synthesizer (2)

HP 51108 synthesizer driver (2)

ffi variable phase function generator model 2034

HP 3300A function generator

HP 3590 wave anallzer

HP 5245L electronic counter

HP 3l0A wave analyzer

HP 8731A pin modulator.S-2.4 GC

HP video amplifier model 5261A

Teltronix type 555 dual beam oscilloscope w/

Type 1A7A high gain differential amplifierw/

Type CA plug in unit dual trace calibrated preamp

Manson Laboratories multiplier frequency model Ttr'MlO l/8N341

EP 8708A synchronizcr (2)HP 34624 digital voltmeter

Power Designs Inc transistorized power supply model3650R 0-36VDC, 0-A

Systron Donner power supply model RS320-2C

AVIEL Corp frequency changer

Powertron Industrial Test Equipment 2505

HP VHF signal generator model608F. (2)

HP 2f lB square wave generator

Panasonic Color TV model CT-500V

HP 6068 signal generator

HP 606A signal generator

m 3455A digital voltmeter

HP DC yaccum tube voltmeter model 4l2A

HP vaccum tube voltmeter model 400H (2)

HP clip-on milliammeter model428

PRD Electronics Inc type 6t0 calorimetric power mcter

\ileston fnstruments amperes EM38A

Weston Instruments current transformer model 327

TRYGON Electronics model RS40-5

OPAD Co Inc metallic rectifier DC power supply

Weston Instruments amperes AC 25-500 cycles

Regulated DC power supply model 1210-5

General Radio Variac W20MT3A autotransformer

lVilson model72I(2 IPPB therapy unit

Right Wall Left side metal Cabinet

Top Shelf

Meter Volts AC rectifier type appror. 1000 OHMS per volt (2)

Electrical Instrument Svc Inc volts AC-DC #ESlffB

Weston Electrical Instrument Corp model433 milliamperes AC 25-500 cycles

Weston watts alternating current

Weston milliamperes DC model 622 (2)

Weston milliampcres AC & DC model 622(2)

Weston meter DC & 25-125 cycles

Narda Microline variable precision attenuator 500 to 1000 mc model3711

Third Shelf

Weston direct current milliammeter

Grey Instrument Co resistance bridgeZM-4BU

HP vacuum tube voltmeter model 410b

HP micro volt-ammeter model 42SA


HP standing weve indicator model415A5257A

HP DC vacuum tubevoltmeter model 4l2A

Fourth Shelf

FL Moseley Co AutoGraf time base part #S-2

HP 3446A AC/DC remotc unit

HP 400GL AC voltmeter

HP 5379A time interyal (2)

HP 2974 sweep driver

Fluke mfgr. 9318 RMS differential voltmeter

Fifth Shelf

m H60 52524 prescaler (2)

HP 5264A preset unit (2)

ff frequency converter model52538

HP frequency convcrter model 5254A (2)

HP 5257A transfer oscillator (2)

HP 5256A frequency converter 8-18 GHz

HP frequency converter model 525fA

HP 5265A digital voltmeter

HP 5255A frequency converter 3-12.4 GHz

m 3302A trigger/phase lock

HP AC amplifier model 466A

HP X5328 frequency meter

Sirth Shelf

Tektnonir type 107 rqurne wtvc gcneretor

m 204C oscillator

HP 467A power amplilier

m 465A amplifier

HP 4614 amplifier(2)

EP fnequency metcr nodel536A

m 8404A lweling emplificr

PRD Electnonics type X101 broadband attenuator

EP 350D ettenuetor sct

Seventh Shetf

EP verieble attenuator model E3t2A

Tektronix type 1t4 timemark generator

Microweve Acsoc Inc nenosccond pulser